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DJ Mile's
1. Beautiful
2. Moodswings
3. Kuwe
4. Manic Imbizo
5. Miles Ahead
6. Girl In The Mirror
7. Everday
8. Into Yami
9. Chevedze
10. Vulani
11. Ragga Joint
12. Promise

DJ Mile's name might not ring many bells but his fellow DJ peers around the country know him for sure. Though he is not a high profile DJ, in the Eastern Cape, he has gone many miles per hour to get to where he needs to be. This DJ and business man has done a lot for the people of the Eastern Cape, including being one of the most important DJs to bring house music into their lives. Moreover, he also helped with the formation of the Grahamstown Community Radio Station.
Mile's journey began during his early days at Rhodes University where he was studying towards his Journalism Degree. At that stage, Miles realised that he was so in love with music that it was something he couldn't resist. By that time, house music was not the hot thing in the Port Elizabeth. He then decided to take it upon himself to help introduce people of that area to the music.
According to him, house was the only music that could bring people together. To spread his gospel around, he started off by playing in clubs, parties and social gatherings. By then he didn't have a residency, so Miles had to hustle and convince people to attend his gigs. "If there is a need and space to value something, why not fill that space and take it from there. And if you are dedicated to what you've filled your space with, there are possibilities of a good life afterwards". Having been on the DJing scene for over a decade, Miles has gone far by establishing his own event management company, Basement Vibes Entertainment.
But what really sets this veteran DJ apart from other players? "I play different styles of house but I am a vocal soul house person. I love tunes that are vocal and talk about life". For Miles, a good DJ is someone who does not get driven by the crowd but who can take the crowd to a place they have never experienced.
Besides the skills a DJ should have such as mixing and beat matching, Miles said DJs should also be able to understand the equipment they are using and be able to connect everything together properly.
Talking about the technique he uses to keep people on the dance floor, according to him, it is a little difficult but it comes with experience. He said he can never be sure of what people want to hear but he can be optimistic and always drive people to the level he wants them to be. "Whenever I play, I start by pleasing the ladies first. I usually start with R&B house sing along songs because once I get ladies busy on the dance floor, guys will follow and the burning will start happening".
Though Miles is a hardcore player in the DJing industry, he still finds acquiring music and getting gigs to be sometimes difficult. Miles keeps himself updated with the latest trends by either visiting record retailers, spending some time on the net surfing for new music or chilling with his friends who play him the latest hottest tunes they've got.
Coming to the album that he has just dropped titled, "100 Miles per Hour' with CornerShop Records, he said releasing his compilation was an idea that came from Dzino - Outrageous Records shareholder. "When Dzino came to me with some local tunes, I felt those tracks and the idea of releasing this album hit me big time". This wizard DJ defines the overall compilation as a project that has lots of love, hope and happiness for a better day and promises a brighter future.
It is true, to be appreciated, you need to be firstly grateful of what you are doing. The DJing scene is changing everyday, but a good DJ is someone who does not get shaken easily. New DJs are born everyday and the competition is getting tighter. Ask yourself if you have the strength to go the extra mileage.

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