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DJ Keith & Fred
For Every Generation ........... CTS 5034 CAPE TOWN SOUND

Never Get Over You .............. CTS 5005 CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. House Of Samba (Galaxy)
2. Oh Yeah
3. Maria (Reminisce)
4. When You Wish Upon A Star
5. When Somebody Loves You Back
6. There's Nothing Better Than Love
7. Pat's Smile
8. Never Get Over You
9. My Man
10. You Are
11. Where Did Your Heart Go
12. I'm So Into You
13. I Don't Want To Know
14. My Man (R&B Mix woth Rap)
15. Girlfriend
16. Oh Yeah (Original Remix)

DJ KEITH: I produced my first song "Oh Yeah", which was originally a Bill Withers song, in 2005. "Oh Yeah" first aired on P4 radio in September 2005. The song was selected for the P4 Volume 3 compilation which was released in October 2005. "Oh Yeah" reached No 2 on P4's local SA charts and stayed at No 2 for 8 weeks. "When Somebody Loves You Back" is currently on Heart Local SA Charts at No 7.
I have been a club DJ since 1984. I have enjoyed long stints at Cape Town's bigger venues, Club Galaxy, West End, Images and G-Spot since 1984. I am known for my music selection. For the album, Never Get Over You, I have collaborated with vocalist/composer Fred, guitarist/composer Allou April, Bassist/composer Aubrey Darries and feature a host of Cape Town musicians including TJ and Fransisca.

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