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DJ Budda
Onez & Twoz ..................... CSRCD 253 CENTRAL STATION
1. Memories
2. Worst Day
3. Umlazi (Waterfall)
4. Thekwini (House Mix)
5. Balamile
6. Ubumnandi
7. Iwewe
8. Phamukhati
9. Moves
10. Who Do You Tell?
11. Thekwini (Hip Hop Mix) - Bonus Track

Glen Lewis Meets DJ Budda . CDSP 002 METRO FM
1. Feelings - Freedom Sounds
2. Spirit (Zanz Classic Mix) - Jovonn
3. Sublime Soul - Santiago Soul
4. Cloud 9 - Solar House
5. To Be Me (Afro Space Dub) - Torin Edmond met Dawn
6. Can't Get Away (Blaze Shire Vocal Mix) - Mood II Swing
7. Do What You Want - Innocent Lovers
8. Feels Good - Colonel Red & Ian Wallman
9. Lifts Me Up - Audiowhores & Groove Assassin
10. C'Est La Vie - Master H
11. Africa In Your Veins - Keith Thompson
12. Shop-Suey - Tojami Sessions
13. Mon Amor (Pufo's Deep Vibes Mix) - DJ Pufo

Quenching the desire for success, That's exactly what Found @Thirst did for DJ Budda. Found @Thirst has once again gone global and succeeded in giving another true talent the opportunity to share his skills. Glen Lewis and DJ Budda get to spin and we all get to groove to the latest sexy house tunes, deep soulful house with a hint of tribal beat....Come lift your soul with these beautiful sounds. Brought you in conjuction with Heineken Found @Thirst, Metro FM and Skeelo and Pebbles Entertainment.

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