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Die Kaapse Affodille Dames Boereorkes

Die Kaapse Affodille Dames Boereorkes - Al Lê Die Berge Nog So Blou VID >>>

Jy Sal Dit Nie Glo Nie . SELBCD966 2011 SELECT
1. Pollie Jollie
2. Kliprivierpolka
3. Thulie Se Seties
4. Blue Spanish Eyes
5. Transvaalse Wals
6. Daspoorttonnel Keurspel: Daspoorttonnel, Wagstaan, Sonop
7. Al Lê Die Berge Nog So Blou
8. Bosveldvastrap
9. Anna-Popseties
10. Suikerbossie
11. Hartebeesfontein
12. Jampotpolka
13. Sneeuwals
14. Vaalwitpensmazurka
15. Rustigheid
16. Rondomtalie

Currently there is one band everybodys talking about Die Kaapse Affodille Dames Boereorkes. Its not every day that you see a female boere band! With their modern approach to this genre they have become very popular and are fully booked with shows every weekend. They have won numerous awards like The National Boeregilde competition (twice) & The Sandra Mynhardt trophy. They appeared in several magazines like Rooi Rose, Sarie, Tempo, Khuluma and Rapport. The band also featured on kykNET Kwela and Jukebox during the past year. They are currently taking part in the new kykNET Boeremusiek competition Varstrap which will be broadcasted from 10 September 2011. This will give them massive TV exposure! Their debut CD Jy Sal Dit Nie Glo Nie is now available and will appeal to young & old!

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