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Dan Hill (D. Hill)
Hey Pollywiggle And Other Tiny Tot Favourutes . 2020
- Doris Brasch, Jimmy Rayson with the Dan Hill Orchestra
1. Wake Up
2. Funny Face
3. Shopping
4. Raggedy Doll
5. Stop That Noise
6. Stars
7. Jerry Giraffe
8. Elephants
9. Warthogs
10. The Lonely Croc
11. Hey Pollywiggle
12. The Brave Brave Mouse

The Dan Hill Collection . CDCOL3556 H COLUMBIA
1. Sometimes When We Touch
2. You Make Me Want To Be
3. Carmelia
4. 14 Today
5. Hold On
6. Can't We Try met Vonda Sheppard
7. All I See Is Your Face
8. McCarthy's Day
9. Let The Song Last Forever
10. Never Thought

Unforgettable Melodies ........ CDVM 33 VALUE MARKETING

met Archie Silansky
A Night At The Coconut Grove LP . RPM 1255 1989 RPM

Real Love LP ................... ASF 3283 1989 CBS
Side One:
1. Why Do We Always Hurt The One We Love
2. What Do You Want
3. Real Love
4. Can't Break The Same Heart Twice
5. Unborn Heart
Side Two:
1. Wishful Thinking met Celine Dion
2. Got To Get Over Him
3. Woman
4. Human Heat
5. You Are Where I Belong

Clap And Bump (Boere Maxi) LP . RSX 160 1985 PRINCIPAL
Side 1:
1. Little Swiss Dance
2. Clap And Bump
Side 2:
1. Happy Clap Song
2. Agnes Waltz

Sounds Electronic: Boereblitz LP . RPM 1183 1982 RPM
Kant Een:
1. Alibama (Trad. verwerk: D. Hill/K. Kruger) - >>>
2. Kimberley Se Trein; Vat Jou Goed En Trek Ferreira; Wat Maak Oom Kalie Daar?; Aai Aai Die Witbors Kraai; Vra Vir Jou Ma; Tant San Van Christiana; Boegoeberg Se Dam (Trad. verwerk: D. Hill/K. Kruger)
3. O, Brandewyn Laat My Staan; Jan Pierewiet; O, Die Lewe Martatjie; Jy Is My Liefling; Oslo Wals; Ta' Mossie Se Sakkie-Sakkie Boeredans (Trad. verwerk: D. Hill/K. Kruger)
4. Stoppie; Pollie, Ons Gaan Pêrel Toe; Roelandstraat; Kaapse Draai; Bobbejaan Klim Die Berg (Die Stellenbosch Se Boys); Daar's 'n Wind Wat Waai (Trad. verwerk: D. Hill/K. Kruger)
5. Zambesi; Suikerrandvastrap; Wipneusie; Santie Se Kopdoek; Penniefluitjie Kwela (Carstens/De Waal)
Kant Twee:
1. Januarie, Februarie, Maart; Bokkie; Daar Lê Die Ding; Suikerbossie; Daar Kom Die Wa; Hier's Ek Weer (Trad. verwerk: D. Hill/K. Kruger)
2. Minnie My Liefling; Ou Tante Koba; Meisie Van My Drome; My Hartjie, My Liefie; Haak Hom Blokkies; Kliprivierpolka; Sewe Sakke Sout (Trad. verwerk: D. Hill/K. Kruger)
3. Outa In Die Langpad (C. du Toit/N. Steyn)
4. Bootjie Van Kammaland; Westewindjie; Die Vergange Se Dae (Eitemal/Van Weber)
5. Perdeby; Rokkies Wou Sy Dra; Oom Hans Se Gemmerdans; Ver In Die Wêreld, Kittie; Sarie Marais; Hoe Ry Die Boere?; Daar's 'n Hoender (Trad. verwerk: D. Hill/K. Kruger)

Verwerkinge En Regie: Dan Hill
Assistent regisseur: Kevin Kruger
Ingenieurs: John Lindemann, Richard Mitchell & David Segal
Gemeng Deur John Lindemann

Sounds Electronic 81/2 LP . RPM 1161 1981 RPM
- Original Non-Stop Dancing starring Dan Hill -
Side One:
1. Medley 1: Kids In America; Chequered Love; Johnny And Mary; Can Can
2. Medley 2: Louise; Hands Up; You Drive Me Crazy; Twilight Café; When The Music Stopped; Here Is My Love; Do You Feel My Love?; Hey You; Agadou; Do You Wanna Spend The Night; Shaddup Your Face; It's Hard To Be Humble; All Those Years Ago; Piece Of The Action; Cha Cha Me Baby
Side Two:
1. Medley 1: This Ole House; Midnite Dynamos; Rockabilly Rebel; Don't Stop The Cavalry; Some Broken Hearts Never Mend; Nine To Five; More And More; Tequila Sheila
2. Medley 2: Bette Davis Eyes; Eyes On Jenny; When I'm Gone; Chariots Of Fire; Santa Maria; Being With You; Give Me Back My Love; Distant Love; Hold On To Love

Sounds Electronic '81/'82 7" EP . RPM-PRO 13 1981 RPM
Side One:
1. Medley 1: Kids In America; Chequered Love; Can Can
Side Two:
1. Medley 11: Bette Davis Eyes; Chariots Of Fire; Santa Maria; Hold On To Love

Hits Electronic LP ............. RSP 458 1980 RPM
Side 1:
1. Can't Stop The Music (J. Lynne)
2. Paradise Road (Van Blerk/F. Roos)
3. Take That Look Off Your Face (Lloyd-Webber, Black)
4. I'm In The Mood For Dancing (Findon, Myers)
5. Down The Mississippi (Faraday, Dempsey)
6. More Than I Can Say (Curtis, Allison)
Side 2:
1. Xanadu (J. Lynne)
2. It Hurts Too Much (E. Carmen)
3. D.I.S.C.O. (D. van Garde, J. Kluger)
4. Fly Too High (Ian, Moroder)
5. Samantha (Jaques Morall)
6a. Day O (Belafonte, Burgess, Attaway);
...b. Island In The Sun (Belafonte, Burgess, Attaway)

Frozen In The Night LP .... ML 4230 1978 GALLO

Longer Fuse LP .............. TCC 4003 1979/1977 TEAL/GALLO
- From the film "Moment To Moment" featuring John Travolta and Lily Tomlin
Side One:
1. Sometimes When We Touch (Hill, Mann)
2. 14 Today (Hill)
3. In The Name Of Love (Hill)
4. Crazy (Hill, Potter)
5. Mccarthy's Day (Hill)
Side Two:
1. Jean
2. You Are All I See
3. Southern California
4. Longer Fuse
5. Still Not Used To

Produced by Matthew McCauley & Fred Mollin

Crazy / Sometimes When We Touch 7" . TCS 402 1979 20th CENTURY FOX

Off The L.P. "Longer Fuse" TCC 4003
Produced by Matthew Mccauley and Fred Mollin

Hits Electronic LP ........ MFP 54870 1978 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
- Baker Street - Love Is In The Air -
Side One:
1. Rivers Of Babylon
2. The Race Is On
3. So You Win Again
4. Rasputin
5. Lady In Black
6. Heidi
Side Two:
1. Love Is In The Air
2. Baker Street
3. You Are My Best Friend
4. Make Love To Me
5. Just The Way You Are
6. Automatic Lover

Hits Electronic TC/LP . STEREO MFP 54770 1977 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side One:
1. Magic Flight
2. Yesterday's Hero
3. A Million Drums
4. My Broken Souvenirs
5. Slow Down
6. Living Thing
Side Two:
1. Gimme That Banana
2. Yes Sir I Can Boogie
3. Every Face Tells A Story
4. Lucille
5. Keep On Smiling
6. Sunny

Hit Time With Dan Hill LP . MFP 54743 1976 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side One:
1. Tchip Tchip
2. Haai Casanova
3. Don't Stay Away Too Long
4. Ella
5. Mr. Big Stuff
6. Don't Break This Heart
7. Red River Ride
Side Two:
1. Bubble Gum
2. Push Just A Little Bit Harder
3. Time Is Right
4. Butterscotch
5. Paloma Blanca
6. Marina
7. Milky Ways

Hits Electronic LP ........ MFP 54742 1976 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side One:
1. Ramaya
2. Beautiful Noise
3. You Set My Heart On Fire
4. Mamma Mia
5. Fatti Bom Bom
6. Save Your Kisses For Me
7. Lady Bump
Side Two:
1. Fernando
2. Let Your Love Flow
3. Did You Boogie With Your Baby
4. I'm On Fire
5. December 1963 (Oh What A Night)
6. Life Is Too Short Girl
7. Celebrate

met Michael Mayer
She / Sy 7" ......................... RPM 457 1976 RPM

Sweet Corazon / Angelina 7" . RASH 644 1976 EPIDEMIC

A Touch Of Tartan LP .... RPM 1107 1975 RPM
Side One:
1. Butterscotch
2. Paloma Blanca
3. The Look In Your Eyes
4. Hold Me
5. Marina
6. Good Time Song
7. My Heart Is Like A Rose Garden (My Hart Is Soos 'n Blommetuin)
Side Two:
1. Angelina
2. Milky Ways
3. It's A Beautiful Day
4. Merry-Go-Round
5. My Dog Loves Your Dog
6. If There Is Sunshine
7. Saturday Matinee

Produced, arranged and Played by Dan Hill
Recorded in the Johannesburg Studios of RPM by Julian Laxton

Dan Hill LP .............................. T-500 1975 20TH CENTURY RECORDS

Butterscotch / Saturday Matinee 7" . RPM 445 1975 RPM

Tchip Tchip And Other Delights LP . 1974 RPM
Side One:
1. Tchip Tchip
2. Haai Casanova
3. Don't Stay Away Too Long
4. Come Back Liza
5. Sylvia's Wedding
6. Sweet Little Rock 'n Roller
Side Two:
1. Baby Blue
2. Hurry On Home
3. Ella
4. Scratch My Back
5. Country Sunshine
6. My Jealousy
7. My Lady Of Spain

Bubble Gum And More Delights LP . RPM 1099 1974 RPM
- Dan Hill Plays 14 Great Hits -
Side One:
1. Bubble Gum
2. Show Me The Way
3. Push Just A Little Bit Harder
4. Time Is Tight
5. Any Kind Bazaar
6. Kleine Nachtigall
7. Bicycle Morning
Side Two:
1. Mr. Big Stuff
2. The Happy Frog
3. What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes At Me For
4. Don't Break This Heart
5. Why Me
6. Red River Ride
7. La La La Love You

Bubble Gum / Red River Ride 7" . RPM 417 1974 RPM
Side One:
1. Bubble Gum (D. East)
Side Two:
1. Red River Ride (D. Hill)

Tchip Tchip / Baby Blue 7" . RPM 406 1974 RPM

Hits Electronic LP . STEREO MFP 54533A 1973 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side 1:
1. Clap Your Hands
2. Shambala
3. We Believe In Tomorrow
4. I Can See Clearly Now
5. Die Wilgerboom
6. You're So Vain
7. I'm On Fire
8. Crocodile Rock
Side 2:
1. Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress
2. Kentucky Blues
3. Daniel
4. Sunday Monday Tuesday
5. Beautiful Sunday
6. Maori Love Song
7. Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'round The Ole Oak Tree
8. Get Down

Produced, arranged and played by: Dan Hill
Recording Engineer: Meyer van Rensburg

Sounds Electronic: Surprise Surprise LP . BUDGIE/RPM
Side One:
1 Build Me Up Buttercup; Elenore; Soul Coaxing
2. The Mighty Quinn; Little Red Donkey; Captain Of Your Ship
3. Hurdy Gurdy Man; Gotta Get A Message To You; Turn Around, Look At Me
4. Classical Gas; (I've) Gotta See Jane; Those Were The Days
Side Two:
1. Harper Valley P.T.A.; Sunglasses; Thank You For Loving Me
2. Cabaret; Jennifer Juniper; The Legend Of Xanadu
3. Valley Of The Dolls; Love Is Blue; Love In Every Room; A Man Without Love
4. Surprise Surprise; Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby; On The Other Side

Electronic Hits .................................... 1972 RPM

Sounds Electronic LP ...................... 1971 HARMONY
- 40 Great Hits: Perfect For Dancing

Sounds Electronic: Judy In Disguise LP . BURD 501 1971 BUDGIE
Side One:
1a. Dizzy (Roe-Weller) .
...b. Fox On The Run (Hazzard)
...c. Crimson And Clover (T. James-P. Lucia) .
...d. Games People Play T (J. South)
...c. Atlantis (D. Leitch)
2a. Judy In Disguise -(Fred-Barnard)
...b. The Letter (Wayne-Carson)
...c. Bottle Of Wine (T. Paxton)
...d. He Gives Me Love (La, La, La) (De La Calva-Arcusa)
3a. Sausalito (Cashman-Pistili-West)
...b. Happy Heart (Rae-Last)
...c. The Windmills Of Your Mind (Bergman-Legrand-Bergan)
4a. Keep On (Thompson)
...b. Two Can Have A Party (Fuqua-Bristol-Kemp)
...c. Little Arrows (Hammond-Hazlewood)
Side Two:
1a. Help Yourself (Fishman-Donida)
...b. Mrs. Robinson (Simon)
...c. Do You Know The Way To San Jose (Bacharach-Davao)
2a. Simon Says (E. Chiprut)
...b. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (Resnick-Levine)
...c. Jennifer Eccles (Hicks-Clarke-Nash)
...d. Valleri (Boyce-Hart)
3a. Picking Up Pebbles (Curtis)
...b. Take Time To Know Her (Davis)
...c. Monya (Sako-Finado-Jager)
4a. La Felicita (Franco-Ortega)
...b. The Mulberry Tree (Sterling-Peters)
...c. Ring Of Fire (Kilgore-Carter)
...d. Lily The Pink...... (Mcgear-Mcgough)
Lili Marlene (Leip-Schultze-Connor)

Sounds Electronic: Sunshine Of Your Love LP . BURD 500 1971 BUDGIE

Sounds Electronic: The Look Of Love LP . 1971 BUDGIE
Side One:
1a. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
...b. To Wait For Love
. .c. Grazing In The Grass
2a. Pinball Wizard
...b. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
. .c. Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da
...d. I'm A Tiger
3a. What A Wonderful World
...b. She Wears My Ring
. .c. Words
...d. Massachusettes
4a. Good Times, Better Times
...b. I Want To Sing With Your Band
. .c. Goodbye
Side Two:
1a. Monsieur Dupont
...b. Camp
. .c. Don't Forget To Watch Me
...d. Something's Happening
2a. Matchmaker, Matchmaker
...b. Fiddler On The Roof
. .c. If I Were A Rich Man
3a. The Look Of Love
...b. Live For Love
. .c. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
4a. Congratulations
...b. Delilah
. .c. Suddenly You Love Me

Dan Hill and his Sounds Electronic play
Music To Watch Girls By LP . HS 839 1971 HARMONY
- 38 Great Hits PErfect For Dancing -

More Sounds Electronic LP . HS 838 1971 HARMONY
- Played, Arranged And Devised By Dan Hill
Side One:
1. Zorba's Dance (M. Theodorakis)
2a. Cast Your Fate To The Wind (V. Guaraldi)
...b. A Taste Of Honey (Marlow, Scott)
3a. Long Live Love (Andrews)
...b. Always Something There To Remind Me (Bacharach, David)
...c. It's Not Unusual (Mills, Reed)
4a. Green Onions (Jones, Cropper, Steinberg, Jackson)
...b. Birds And The Bees (Stuart)
...c. King Of The Road (R. Millerr)
5a. The Last Time (Jagger, Richard)
...b. Satisfaction (Jagger, Richard)
...c. Help (Lennon, Mccartney)
6a. Mr. Tambourine Man (B. Dylan)
...b. Ticket To Ride (Lennon, Mccartney)
Side Two:
1a. Do The Blue Beat (Raleigh, Barkan)
...b. 8 Days A Week (Lennon, Mccartney)
...c. Tea And Trumpets (Cy Coben)
2a. Trains And Boats And Planes (Bacharach, David)
...b. La Comparsa (Lecuona)
3a. Forget Domani (Ortolani, Newell)
...b. Pearly Shells (Edwards, Pober)
...c. Lemon Tree (Will Holt)
4. Moody Blues (Dan Hill)
5a. A Shabby Little Hut (Mccoy)
...b. Down Town (Tony Hatch)
...c. Under The Boardwalk (Resnick, Young)
6. Ciao (Sigmah, Tical)

Cha Cha Cha LP ................. HS 837 1971 HARMONY
Side 1:
1. Oh, You Beautiful Doll
2. La Strada Dell' Amore
3. Li-Per-Li
4. Venus
5. Quando C'E La Luna Pienna
6. St. Louis Blues Cha-Cha
7. Que Calor
Side 2:
1. Never On Sunday
2. Corazon De Melon (Watermelon Heart)
3. La Macarena (The Bullfighter)
4. Alexander's Cha-Cha Band (Aiexander's Ragtime Band)
5. Dolores; Carolina In The Morning; Ragtime Cowboy Joe
6. I Found My Love In Portofino
7. El Pollo De Carlitos

Sounds Electronic - Devised By Dan Hill LP . HS 830 1970 HARMONY
- 33 Great Hits: Perfect For Dancing
Side One:
1a. These Boots Are Made For Walking (Hazelwood)
. .b. Sunny Afternoon (R. Davis)
. .c. Daydream (J. Sebastian)
2a. Yesterday Man (Andrews)
. .b. To Whom It Concerns (Andrews)
. .c. Ballad Of The Green Beret (Sadler/Moore)
...d. Happy Trumpet (Kaempfert)
3a. Strangers In The Night (Singleton/Snyder/Kaempfert)
..b. Spanish Eyes (Singleton/Snyder/Kaempfert)
. .c. The Shadows Of Your Smile (Theme From "The Sandpiper") (Webster/Mandel)
4a. Little Tracey (Kelly)
. .b. I Know A Place (T. Hatch)
. .c. I'll Come Running Over (B. & I. Bruns)
5a. Lara's Theme (From "Dr. Zhivago") (Webster/Jarre)
. .b. Amore Scusami (Pallavicini/Lee/Mescoli)
6a. Red Rubber Ball (P. Simon/B. Woodly)
. .b. Love Is You, Love Is Me (T. Hetch)
. .c. You've Got Your Troubles (R. Greenaway/R. Cook)
Side Two:
1a. Moliendo Café (Maza)
. .b. A Walk In The Black Forrest (Jankowski)
. .c. Mexican Shuffle(S. Lake)
2a. Tchaikovski No. 1 (Adapt, K. Freeman)
. .b. The Carnival Is Over (T. Springfield)
. .c. A Lover's Concerto (Linzer.Randell)
3a. Girl (Lennon/McCartney)
. .b. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Dannagio/Vivki/Wickham/Simon/Napier/Bell)
4a. Monday, Monday (Sloan/Barri)
. .b. Pretty Flamingo
. .c. Pied Piper (Kernfield/Dubolf)
5. Land Of 1,000 Dances (Kenner/Domina)
6a. Sounds Of Silence (P. Simon)
. .b. Sand (Hazelwood)
. .c. Homeward Bound (P. Simon)

Country Sing Along LP ............ HS 813 HARMONY
Side One:
1. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder; Heartaches By The Number; Bye Bye Love
2. Down In The Valley; When It's Springtime In The Rockies; Vaya Con Dios
3. Oh, Lonesome Me; Yellow Rose Of Texas; Do What You Do Do Well
4. Remember Me; Wedding Bells; Ten Thousand Miles
5. Happy Birthday My Darlin'; He'll Have To Go; Tennessee Waltz
6. Red River Valley; Prisoner's Song; King Of The Road
Side Two:
1. Beautiful Brown Eyes; Wings Of A Dove; On Top Of Old Smokey
2. From A Jack To A King; Your Cheatin' Heart; I Can't Stop Loving You
3. I Walk The Line; You Are My Sunshine; Wolverton Mountain
4. Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On; Please Help Me I'm Falling; Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
5. Boots And Saddle; Ole Faithful; South Of The Border
6. Forever And Ever; Goodnight Irene; So Long (It's Been Good To Know You)

Bullseye LP ...................... RPM 1065-S RPM
Side One:
1. Whole Lotta Love; River Deep, Mountain High; The Witch
2. Put Your Hand In The Hand; No Love At All; Help Me Make It Through The Night
3. Shilo; For All We Know; She's A Lady
4. Where Do I Begin? (van Love Story); A Summer Prayer For Peace
5. Knock Three Times; Las Vegas; Mendocino
6. I Think I Love You; Do It; Woodstock; My Sweet Lord
Side Two:
1. Hot Love; Have You Ever Seen The Rain?; What Is Life?; Joy To The World
2. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep; Sunny Honey Girl; Jack In The Box
3. Mozart: Symphony No. 40 In G. Minor: 1st Movement Allegro Molto; The Pushbike Song
4. Rose Garden; Another Day; Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
5. Silvermoon; No Matter What; If Not For You
6. ELECTRIC SUPERSTAR: Heaven On Their Minds; Everything's All Right; Hosanna; I Don't Know How To Love Him; Gethsemane; King Herod's Song; Superstar

Sounds Electronic X1 LP ....................... RPM
- with action packed vocals

Sounds Electronic 10 LP . RPM 1060-S RPM
- featuring The Fantastic Putney Sound
- 36 Great Hits Perfect For Dancing

Sounds Electronic: Sounds International LP . RPM 1052-S 1970 RPM
Side One:
1a. Daar Kom Die Alibama (Trad. Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Die Vaalhoed Se Baas (Trad. Arr. D. Hill)
..c. Marching To Pretoria (Trad. Arr. D. Hill)
2a. Maria Bonita (Lara)
..b. Mallorca (Pornar)
..c. Espana Cani (Marquina)
3a. Il Mondo (Fontana/Pes)
..b. O Mio Signore (Mogol/Vianello)
4a. Yerushalaim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold) (Shemer)
..b. Lach Yerushalaim (Ettinger)
..c. Sharm El Sheik (Zamir/Ettinger/Gabay)
5a. Canto de Ossanha (Baden Powell/De Moraes)
..b. Corcovado (Jobim)
6a. America (From "West Side Story") (Bernstein/Sondheim)
..b. Cottonfields (Ledbetter/Carter)
Side Two:
1. Casatchok (Boris Rubaschkin)
2a. Comme Un Garcon (Debout/Dumas)
..b. L'important c'est la rose (Amade/Becaud)
..c. E Maintenant (What Now My Love) (Becaud)
3a. To Fegari Ine Kokino (The Moon Is Red) (Hadjidakis)
..b. I Pende Thromi (The Five Ways) (Mittakis)
..c. Melachrini Kira Mou (My Brunette Lady) (Mouzakis/Parisiadis)
4a. Mac The Knife (Weill)
..b. Ein Student Aus Heidelberg (Narholz/Relin)
..c. Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades) (Peike)
5a. Julia Florista (L. Villar/J. Pimentel)
..b. Uma Casa Portuguesa (Fonseca)
..c. Sempre Que Lisboa Canta (Rocha)
6a. Tired Of Waiting (Davies)
..b. England Swings (Miller)
..c. Call Me (Hatch)

Sounds Electronic 9 LP .. RPM 1045-S RPM

Dan Hill & His Sounds Electronic
Banana Beach / Main Title 7" . RPM.337 1970 RPM

Sounds Electronic: Sounds Latin LP . RPM 1033-S 1969 RPM
- Introducing The Brass Reflections
- 35 Hits Perfect For Dancing
Side One:
1. Tico Tico; Brazil; El Cumbanchero
2. Granada; Eso Es El Amor
3. Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma; Tequila; Green Eyes
4. In A Little Spanish Town; Historia De Un Amor; Frenesi
5. La Ultima Noche; La Cucaracha; Un Poquito Di Tu Amor
6. The Lonely Bull; Black Orpheus; Adios
Side Two:
1. The Peanut Vendor (El Manisero); Siboney; Amor, Amor, Amor
2. Amapola; Tango Of the Roses; Al Di La
3. Eso Beso; Flying Flutes; Anna
4. Aranjuez; Cuando Caliente El Sol (Love With All Your Heart); Spanish Harlem
5. Besame Mucho; Pepito; Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas)
6. The Carioca; La Bamba; Malaguena

Sounds Electronic 8 LP . RPM 1037-S RPM
- 42 Great Hits Perfect For Dancing
Side One:
1a) Medicine Man (Cashman/Pistilli/West)
...b) Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (Levine/Cordell/Resnick)
...c) Special Delivery (Gentry/Bloom)
...d) Both Sides Now (J. Mitchell)
2a) Think It All Over (Andrews)
...b) Abergavenny (Manaton/Galler)
...c) Put A Little Love In Your Heart (De Shannon/Holoday/Myers)
...d) Melody Fair (Gibb)
...e) Drina March (Stanislav/Binicki)
3a) Love At First Sight (Gainsborough/Buckmaster)
...b) Conversations (Greeneway/Cook/London)
...c) Theme From "Romeo & Juliet" (Rota)
4a) Octopus's Garden (Starkey)
...b) Israelites (Dacres/Kong)
...c) It Miek
5a) Hey Little Woman (D. Janssen)
...b) Throw Down A Line (Marvin)
...c) Jean (R. McKuen)
...d) Jack & Jill (Roe/Weller)
6a) Time Is Tight (Jones/Jackson Jnr./Dunn/Cropper)
...b) Soul Deep (Wayne/Carson/thompson)
...c) Proud Mary (J. Fogerty)
...d) I'm Gonna Make You Mine (T. Romeo)
Side Two:
1a) Marrakesh Express (Nash)
...b) Buona Sera Mrs. Campbell (Ortolani/Frank)
...c) Early In The Morning (Leander/Seago)
2a) Memphis Underground (H. Mann)
...b) Spinning Wheel (D.C. Thomas)
...c) I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Bacharach/David)
3a) Sweet Caroline (N. Diamond)
...b) Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Lennon/McCartney)
...c) Sugar Sugar (Barry/Kim)
...d) La Dee Doo Down Down (Barry)
4a) Make Me An Island (Hammond/Hazlewood)
...b) Saved By The Bell (R. Gibb)
...c) Lace Covered Window (Westlake/Lobsa)
5a) Petticoat Safari
...b) Bad Moon Rising
...c) Look At Mine
6a) Good Morning Starshine
...b) My Cherie Amour
...c) This Girl Is A Woman Now

Sounds Electronic 7 LP . RPM 1025-S RPM
Side 1:
1. Pinball Wizard; Sugar Pie Honey Bunch; Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da; I'm A Tiger
2. La Felicita; The Mulberry Tree; Ring Of Fire; Lily The Pink introducing Lili Marlene
3. Build Me Up Buttercup; Elenore; Soul Coaxing
4. Sausalito; Happy Heart; The Windmills Of Your Mind
5. Aquarius; Surround Yourself With Sorrow; Maltese Melody
6. Mercy; I Heard It Thru The Grapevine; Indian Giver; Round The Gum Tree
Side 2:
1. Monsieur Dupont; Camp; Don't Forget To Catch Me; Something Happening
2. Dizzy; Fox On The Run; Crimson And Clover; Games People Play; Atlantis
3. I'm The Urban Space Man; Tear Drop City; Gentle On My Mind; Hold Me Tight
4. The Way It Used To Be; What Am I Living For?; I've Gotta Be Me
5. The Sunshine Of Your Love; Stormy; Sorry Suzanne; Son Of A Preacher Man
6. Good Times Better Times; I Want To Sing With Your Band; Goodbye

Sounds Electronic 6 LP . RPM 1008-S RPM
- 38 Great Hits Perfect For Dancing
- Now Fully Transistorized
Kant 1:
1. Surprise, Surprise; Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby; On The Other Side
2. The Red Balloon; Dream A Little Dream Of Me; 1 2 3 Red Light; Butchers And Bakers
3. This Guy's In Love With You; Dream A Little Dream Of Me; Hey Jude
4. Help Yourself; Mrs. Robinson; Do You Know The Way To San Jose
5. Hurdy Gurdy Man; Gotta Get A Message To You; Turn Around, Look At Me
6. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly; To Wait For Love; Grazing In The Grass
Kant 2:
1. Harper Valley P.T.A.; Sunglasses; Thank You For Loving Me
2. Mony, Mony; Baby Come Back; Indian Lake; Early Bird Satellite
3. Picking Up Pebbles; Take Time To Know Her; Monia
4. Keep On; Two Can Have A Party; Little Arrows
5. The Look Of Love; Live For Life; By The Time I Get To Phoenix
6. Classical Gas; (I've) Gotta See Jane; Those Were The Days

By Golly! Johannesburg's Commissioner Street is looking more like Broadway every day. Theatres, restaurants, bright lights and the worst drivers in the country. And RPM Studios. The lights burn here too, and the first thing that strikes the visitor (there are always visitors) is that the people at RPM do not work . . . they are having a ball. In the control room, Geoff Tucker has found a way of channelling the trumpets and saxes from one track to another so that the listener actually hears the echo dying away across the room. Apart from trumpets, saxes, guitars and a few other "conventional weapons" Geoff has been working with instruments which few people in this country know about. Two electric pianos and an electric harpsichord. Electronic tuba, and Dan Hill's electric clarinet, with the sound passing through "a vibrator and reverb gadget." There are also "Fuzz Boxes" and "Wow Wow pedals." Wires are everywhere and the studio looks like a snakes' jam-session. Dan Hill picks his way through the tangle. "Look at this" he says, pointing to an apparatus which defies the powers of the English language to describe, 'this is an ancient Gipsy instrument called a Cymbalon - these piano-type strings are struck with mallets - and it belongs to my cousin Miriam Lopert, who is probably the only person in the country who can play one. For weeks I was trying to think of the right sound for a particular spot, and I thought of this". And what is this all for?
"Esseesix", said Dan.
Esseesix? A new instrument? A germ? Dan has something in his mouth? Then suddenly, "Oh! You mean 'S.E. Six' . . . Sounds Electronic Six l" "Wow! Already?" "Already!"
It's hits a Ia Hill again, the record people have been phoning about the item the collectors have been asking about. A sound and a technique that overseas markets eagerly grab in the face of all international competition.
Says Dan "The tunes on this release are the tops at present, and we have treated each one lovingly". And that says it all. There is no jarring mood-change in the middle of the medleys, but each cut sets out to produce a mood of its own. The fans know the varied colours of Dan Hill's electronic rainbow very well. So here's the newest and best in the series, and listen to it the way Dan Hill made it for you . . . lovingly!

Recorded by Geoff Tucker at RPM Studios
Cover design by Machiel Hopman
Photography by Dudley Lawrence
Cover notes by Robin Alexander .
Rocket effects by Cape Kennedy
A&R by Matt Mann
Arranged, Conducted and Devised by Dan Hill

Sounds Electronic 5 LP . RPM 1001-S RPM
- 44 Great Hits Perfect For Dancing
- Now Fully Transistorized
Side One:
1. Surprise Surprise; Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby; On The Other Side
2. The Red Balloon; Sunshine Girl; 1 2 3 Red Light; Butchers & Bakers
3. This Guy's Is Love With You; Dream A Little Dream Of Me; Hey Jude
4. Help Yourself; Mrs. Robinson; Do You Know The Way To San Jose
5. Hurdy Gurdy Man; Gotta Get A Message To You; Turn Around, Look At Me
6. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly; To Wait For Love; Grazing In The Grass
Side Two:
1. Harper Valley P.T.A.; Sunglasses; Thank You For Loving Me
2. Mony, Mony; Baby Come Back; Indian Lake; Early Bird Satelite
3. Picking Up Pebbles; Take Time To Know Her; Monia
4. Keep On; Two Can Have A Party; Little Arrows
5. The Look Of Love; Live For Life; By The Time I Get To Phoenix
6. Classical Gas; (I've) Gotta See Jane; Those Were The Days

Some say "It's a pity something so creative has to be a business." Dan Hill says "Thank goodness!"
"That's what separates the men from the boys."
Record marketing is like any other. There must be a differential. The product must stand out. Albums without this aren't around too long. So*what's the Hill differential? Craftmanship. Excellence.
Businessmen like to remember "The customer is no fool." The customers gave Dan three Golden Disc awards on sales of three albums in '67 alone. Yes, the Sounds Electronic Series. ls there a record collection without them?
And now the Big Daddy of them all. SOUNDS.
ELECTRONIC "5". When Johannesburg's plush new R P M studios opened, sound-man Geoff Tucker lovingly patted one of the most elaborate and expensive mixing desks in the world. He gazed through the glass upon 2,000 precious new acoustically treated square feet of studio. He sighed, now would come the sounds he had dreamed of making. Here was the equipment and the world had no finer. The first session. Muscians pick their way through the forest of microphones. Only the top men. Only the best. They are the new breed. . . studio musicians, geared to working in recording conditions. Gone are the musty old studios and matey old 'blows'. The 'busk' is buried. lt's arrangements now. Exact, like blueprints. Dan has heard every note they will play. He heard it when it took shape in his mind. He uses two guitars and bass guitar - Harpsichord - Electronic Tuba - Electric Piano - Two Electric Organs - Piano - Trumpets - Sax - Flutes - Clarinets - Flugelhorn and a whole battery of drums.
The work now is to get a perfect reproduction of what's in Dan's head.
They are ready. Where's Dan's rostrum? How will he conduct? There isn't. He doesn't. Someone shouts "One_two . . . One two three." And they begin. Dan walks back and forth. He's at the bass guitar, then a shouted suggestion at the piano, then over to the trumpets. He signals something to Geoff. They have worked together so long they speak without words. They hear things no one else hears. The boys get excited. There's a thrilling drive to the music and they are feeling it. Eyebrows shoot up as they discover nuances and key changes that lift the melody and make it fly higher. Now it's "Cabaret" - now it's "You've Not Changed'.' - now it's the "For A Few Dollars More" theme. Now each knows why he chose this living.
Beautiful and strong like burnished brass the sound is coming. Now hard and driving, now so pretty.
Listen and love it.
lt's "Sounds Electronic". - omslag

Sounds Electronic "Four" LP . ALD 8088/ASF.1199 1967 CBS
- 40 Great Hits: Perfect For Dancing .
Side 1:
1. There Is A Mountain; Bramble Bush
2. Puppet On A String; Tabatha Twitchit; I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman; Snoopy Versus The Red Baron; She'd Rather Be With Me
3. A Man And A Woman; Just Loving You; A Whiter Shade Of Pale
4. Happy Together; Don't Sleep In The Subway; Ha Ha Said The Clown; Carrie Anne
5. Thoroughly Modern Millie; Yamao Toko No Uta; Airplane Song; Lilies Of The Field
6. Then I Kissed Her; Only You Can Do It; It Must Be Him; A Groovy Kind Of Love
Side 2:
1. Finchley Central; Peek-A-Boo; Up, Up And Away
2. Umbrellas Of Cherbourg; Jewish Wedding Song; New York Mining Disaster 1941
3. The World We Knew; Dedicated To The One I Love
4. San Fransisco; Silence Is Golden; Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
5. Feelin' Groovy; Born Free; I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun
6. Casino Royale; Silence Is Golden; Let's Live For Today

Dan Hill and his Sounds Electronic play
Music To Watch Girls By LP . ALD 8033/ASF 1188 1967 CBS
Side One:
1. A Little Bit Of Me, A Little Bit Of You; I'm A Believer; Cry Softly
2. The More I See You; Gonna Get Along Without You Now; Paint Me A Picture
3. No Milk Today; Single Girl; Green, Green Grass Of Home
4. Work Song; Happy; Good Vibrations
5. Sugar Town; Sunny; Mellow Yellow
6. Thoko; Black Is Black; Bend It
Side Two:
1. Music To Watch Girls By; Winchester Cathedral; There's A Kind Of Hush
2. I Love Onions; Mame; Remember When; Tippy Toeing
3. Wednesday's Child; This Is My Song; Something Stupid
4. Matthew And Son; Sweet Pea; Sunshine Superman; Guantanamera
5. Little Man; What Would I Be; Save Me
6. Lady Godiva; Dear Mrs. Appleby; Games That Lovers Play

Sounds International LP .....................
Side One:
South Africa
1. Daar Kom Die Alibama; Die Vaalhoed Se Baas; Marching To Pretoria
2. Maria Bonita; Mallorca; Espana Cani
3. Il Mondo; O Mio Signore
4. Yerushalaim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem Of Gold); Lach Yerushalaim; Sharm El Sheik
5. Can'to De Ossanha; Corcovado
6. America (van "West Side Story"); Cottonfields
Side Two:
1. Casatchok
2. Comme Un Garcon; LÍmportant Cést La Rose; E Maintenant (What Now My Love)
3. To Fegari Ine Kokino (The Moon Is Red); I Pende Thromi (The Five Ways); Melanchrini Kira Mou (My Brunette Lady)
4. Mac The Knife; Ein Student Aus Heidelberg; Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades)
5. Julia Florista; Uma Casa Portuguesa; Sempre Que Lisboa Can'ta
United Kingdom
6. Tired Of Waiting; England Swings; Call Me

Devised By Dan Hill
Sounds Electronic: 66/33 LP . ALD 6977/ASF 1172 1966 CBS
- 33 Great Hits Of 1966: Perfect For Dancing
Side One
1. These Boots Are Made For Walking; Sunny Afternoon; Daydream
2. Yesterday Man; To Whom It Corcerns; Happy Trumpet
3. Strangers In The Night; Spanish Eyes; The Shadows Of Your Smile
4. Little Tracey; I Know A Place; I'll Come Running Over
5. Lara's Theme; Amoré Scusami
6. Red Rubber Ball; Love Is You, Love Is Me; You've Got Your Troubles
Side Two:
1. Moliendo Café; A Walk In The Black Forest; Mexican Shuffle
2. Tchaikovsky No. 1; The Carnival Is Over; A Lover's Concerto
3. Girl; You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
4. Monday, Monday; Pretty Flamingo; Pied Piper
5. Land Of 1000 Dances
6. Sounds Of Silence; Sand; Homeward Bound

The unusual title 66/33 tells that there are thirty three songs on this LP and believe me they are played in almost 33 different styles. Here you have the hits of today played in the style of tomorrow by Sounds Electronic.
How did Sounds Electronic come about'? Dan Hill that talented musician always strives to produce something different and challenging, - as with all experiments this sometimes fails, - but what you will hear on this disc is the complete and excitingly successful result of a brilliant arranger. This collection has been devised, arranged and conducted by Dan Hill, and listen out for the Farfisa organ solos, played by... Dan Hill, and who plays thoge swingin' alto solos.. .? Dan Hillll Piano... Electric Piano... Clarinette...? That's right, stiII Dan Hill. Now apart from playing all these instruments, Dan conducted the session and also kept running in to the control room to see if he was getting the required effect. Play the record and judge for yourself and be thrilled as I am, by the great overall sound of familiar songs sounding completely different.
Apart from the outstanding musical ability of Dan Hill, this record is a tribute to the top rate musicianship of South African artists allied to the brilliance of recording engineer, Geoff Tucker. Collectors who have heard the first Sounds Electronic record, will know how these arrangements will make a party swing . . . and for pure listening pleasure this album holds plenty of thrills . . . so step into the space age and go into with 66/33 Sounds Electronic. - PETER LOTIS - omslag

Emil Dean met Dan Hill
Emil Dean LP .................. ALD.6915 1966 CBS
Side One:
1. Get Carried Away
2. Destiny
3. To Wait For Love (Is To Waste Your Love Away)
4. My Baby
5. We May Meet Again
6. I'm Going Away
Side Two:
1. How The Mighty Hath Fallen
2. Will You Be Mine Tonight
3. I'll Never Dance Again
4. The World Outside
5. Sea Of Tears
6. Dream

Dan Hill & Orchestra
Best In The Country LP ....... ALD 6882 CBS
- Sing Along With Dan Hill Chorus And Orchestra
- 36 Top Western Hits

Dan Hill, Dana Valery & The Diamonds & Mike Shannon
Dan, Dana And The Diamonds LP . ALD 6597 CBS
Side 1:
1. Quando, Quando, Quando (Renis-PaIIavicini-Biri)
2. Twistin' The Night Away (Sam Cooke)
3. Peter Gunn (H. Mancini)
4. I Could Have Danced All Night (Lerner-Loewe)
5a. The Rain In Spain (Lerner-Loewe);
5b. Wouldn't It Be Loverly (Lerner-Loewe);
5c. The Rain In Spain (Reprise) (Lerner-Loewe)
6. The Twomp (Don Wilson)
7. Ya Ya (Dorsey-Robinson
8. All My Sorrows (Guard-Shane-Reynolds)
Side 2:
1. On The Street Where You Live (Lerner- Loewe)
2. Lovers Who Wander (D. De Mucci)
3a. Get Me To The Church On Time (Lerner-Loewe)
3b. With A Litlle Bit Of Luck (Lerner-Loewe)
4. Speedy Gonzales (B. Kaye-E. Lee-D. Hill)
5. Pepito (Taylor-Truscott)
6. Simba Twist (D. Hill)
7. Dimelo In Settembre (More-Alguero)
8. Skin Beat (D. Hill)

The Dan Hill Augmented Orch. with Cha Cha Rhythm Section
Strictly Cha Cha LP .............. ALD 6453 CBS

Let's Pretend LP .................. ALD 6425 CBS
- A new alum of songs for young people written, composed, and produced by Betty Mischieker
- and sung by Doris Brasch And Bill Williams
- With accompaniments by Dan Hill and his orchestra
- Most of the material is this records was originally written for the SABC Children's programmes, produced by Miss Kathleen Davydd

Doris Brasch met Dan Hill en sy Orkes
Lokstemme Langs Die Wapad LP . ALD.6379 CBS
Kant Een:
1. O, Die Liewe Martatjie (B.A. de Wet) (Weense Volkswysie 1799)
2. Verlief (LaPoloma) (Yradier-Combrinck-De Waal)
3. Wiegelied (Mozart-Combrinck-De Waal)
4. Kom Ons Gaan Blomme Pluk (P.I. Hoogenhout-J. van Niekerk)
5. Boereseun (Danie Bosman)
6. Heimwee (S. le Roux Marais)
7. Al Die Veld Is Vrolik (C. Louis Leipoldt-J. Weber)
Kant Twee:
1. Die Tortelduif Wals (Delibes-De Waal)
2. Ek Is Verlief Op Weenen (J. Strauss)
3. 'n Liefdesliedjie (Jy, Jy, Jy) (C.F. Visser)
4. Rosie Van Die Velde (H.F.G. Kuschke-F. Schubert)
5. My Blonde Matroos (Parish-Leib-Pfell-Weisner)
6. My Held (My Hero) (Oscar Strauss) from "Chocolate Soldier"
7. By Die Ou Meulstroom (C. Jacobs-Bond-Tell Taylor)

Dan Hill And His Nightbirds
More Happy Days LP ........... ALD 6348 CBS

Dan Hill And His Amigos
Fiesta Tropicale LP .............. ALD 6250 CBS
Side One:
1. Escuta
2. Ooh And Ah Mambo
3. Lisbon Antigua; Cancao Do Mar
4. The Pearl Fishers
5. Mangos
6. Sugar Loaf Samba
7. Coimbra; Sempre Sempre Amor
Side Two:
1. The Bullfighter
2. Ninguem Me Ama; Copacabana
3. Clarabella
4. The Watermelon Song
5. Cha Cha Em Lisboa
6. Cavaquinho
7. Fiesta Tropicale

Sounds Electronic 45 EP . EXP 2140 1965 UNIKA/CBS

Together 7" EP ..................... EXP 2100 UNIKA/CBS
Side One:
1. The Bullfighter (La Macarena) - The Dan Hill Augmented Orchestras with Cha-Cha Rhythm Section
2. The Pearl Fishers - Dan Hill & His Amigos
Side Two:
1. Around The World - Ray Conniff, his Orchestra and Singers
2. Tammy - Ray Conniff, his Orchestra and Singers

Sounds Electronic: '65 LP . ALD 000 1965 CBS

Dan Hill And His Amigos
Yes Sir That Is Cha Cha EP . EXP.2079 CBS

Jimmy Rayson, Virginia Lee met Dan Hill en sy Orkes
Liedjies Van Liefde En Geluk LP . FCL 5082/GALP 1039 FESTIVAL/GALLOTONE
Kant Een:
1. Die Drie Kamerade (Jimmy Rayson en Koor)
2. Ek Sal Jou Nooit Vergeet Nie (Virginia Lee)
3. 'n Swerwer Lewenslank (Jimmy Rayson en Koor)
4. Die Tjoeketrein (Jimmy Rayson en Virginia Lee)
5. Hoe Beier Die Klokke (Virginia Lee met Val Parker)
6. Rooi Die Rose, Rooi Die Lippe, Rooi Die Wyn (Jimmy Rayson en Virginia Lee)
Kant Twee:
1. Kom Span Nou Gou Die Skimmel In (Virginia Lee met Val Parker en Koor)
2. Die Maan Is Daar Op Wag (Jimmy Rayson)
3. Cindy O Cindy (Virginia Lee en Koor)
4. Net Soos Dit Vroeër Was (Jimmy Rayson en Koor)
5. Solank Die Sterre Gloei (Virginia Lee en Koor)
6. Klein Nagtegaal (Jimmy Rayson en Virginia Lee)

met Jimmy Rayson
Daan Desimaal 1961 (Springbok Radio)

Happy Days Are Here Again LP . ALD 6156 1958 CBS
Side One:
Let's Twist Again; Peppermint Twist; Ya-Ya Twist; Let's Dance; Kissin' Twist; Fanny Mae; Twist A St. Tropez; Speedy Gonzales; Red River Rock; Kily Watch; C'Mon Everybody; Shout
Side Two:
Piltdown Rides Again; If I Had A Hammer; The Twist; J'Irai; Twister Le Blues; Surfin' Bird Bird Dog; Pour 'Un Flirt; Wooly Bully; Something Else; Be Bop A Lula; Limbo Rock; What'd I Say; Mashed Patotoes; Hay Baba Re Bop

This Is Super Long Play LP . KLD 4501 CBS
- Featuring The Nightbirds, Peter Lotis and Joao Tudella -
Side One:
1.: Rebel Rouser (Eddy Hazlewood) The Rebel Rousers
2. The Watermelon Song (Yastron) Vocal: Peter Lotis
3.(a) Bye Bye Blackbird (Henderson-Dixon)
...(b) Music, Music, Music (Baum-Weiss)
...(c) Sheikh Of Araby (Smith-Wheeler-Snyder)
...(d) Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Donaldson-Kahn) Vocal: The Nightbirds
4. The Pearl Fishers (Bizet) (arr. Hill) Dan Hill and his Amigos
5. A Certain Smile (Webster-Fain) Dan Hill and the Dimenticats
6. Escuta (I. Curi) Vocal: Joao Tudella
7.(a) Charleston (Johnson-Mack)
...(b) I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight (Kahn-Donaldson)
...(c) Some Of These Days (Shelton-Brooks)
...(d) The Music Goes Round And Round (Riley-Farley-Hodgson) Vocal: The Nightbirds
8. Tuxedo Junction (Hawkins-Johnson-Dash) Dan Hill and his Rockin' Rhythm
9.(a) Coimbra (Ferrao)
...(b) Sempre Sempre Amor (Redi-Ferreira) Vocal: Joao Tudella
10.(a) Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Lewis-Young-Henderson)
...(b) Charlie My Boy (Kahn-Fiorito)
...(c) Four Leaf Clover (Wood-Dixon)
...(d) That's My Weakness Now (Green-Strept) Vocal: The Nightbirds
11. Volare (Migliacci-Modugno) Dan Hill and the Dimenticats
12.(a) Stellenbosch Se Boys (Trad.)
...(b) Vanaand Gaan Die Volkies Koring Sny (Trad.)
...(c) Ver In Die Wêreld, Kittie (Fagan)
...(d) Warm Patat (Carstens)
...(e) Die Kaapse Nooiens (Trad.)
...(f) Suikerbossie (Trad.) Vocal: The Nightbirds
13. Cha Cha Em Lisboa (Fernando Lobo-Antonio Maria) Vocal: Joao Tudella
14. Eso Es El Amor (Iglesias) Dan Hill and his Amigos
15. (a) Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey (McCree-Von Tilzer)
...(b) Ain't She Sweet (Ager-Yellen)
...(c) Darktown Strutters Ball (Shelton-Brooks)
...(d) You Made Me Love You (J. van Manaco-McCarthy) Vocal: The Nightbirds
Side Two:
1. The Rebels Ride Again (Hill) The Rebel Rousers
2.(a) Ninguem Me Ama (Cerrer-Trindade)
... (b) Copacabana (Ribeiro-De Barro) Vocal: Joao Tudella
3. Yes Sir, That's My Cha-Cha (Yes Sir, That's My Baby) (Kahn-Donaldson) Dan Hill and his Amigos
4.(a) Happy Days Are Here Again (Yellen-Ager)
...(b) Somebody Stole My Gal (Woods)
...(c) When You're Smiling (Goodman-Shav-Fisher) Vocal: The Nightbirds
5. My Blue Heaven (Donaldson-Whiting)
6. Cavaquinho (Nazareth) Accordion Solo: Miriam Lopert
7. The Bullfighter (La Macarena) (Monterde-Calero) Dan Hill and his Amigos
8.(a) The Woodpecker Song (Dalazzaro)
...(b) January, February, March (Sylvia Fine)
...(c) Enjoy Yourself (Magidson-Sigman)
...(d) Aurora (Adamson-Lago-Roberto)
...(e) Zulu Warrior (Trad.) Vocal: The Nightbirds
9. Ooh And Ah Mambo (Frank Team) Dan Hill and his Amigos
10. The Skaters' Cha Cha (The Skaters' Waltz) (Waldteufel) Dan Hill and his Amigos
11.(a) Sarie Marais (Trad.)
...(b) Daar Lê Die Ding (Trad.)
...(c) Vra Vir Jou Ma (Trad.)
...(d) Daar Kom Die Wa (Trad.)
...(e) Vat Jou Goed En Trek (Trad.)
...(f) Alibama (Trad.) Vocal: The Nightbirds
12.(a) Lisbon Antigua (Portela)
...(b) Cancao Do Mar (Trindade) Vocal: Joao Tudella
13. In The Mood (Joe Garland-Andy Razal)
14. Mangoes (Wayne-Libbey) Vocal: Peter Lotis
15. Puro Satelite (Ramon Inclan) Dan Hill and his Amigos
16. Sentimental Journey (Brown-Green-Homer)

Have you wondered what that number 16 was for on the speed control of your radiogram or record player? Well, now you know. lt's for Super Long Play records - one-and-a-half hours of non-stop music. No more continually changing the record, just dance or listen without interruption for a full 90 minutes! To introduce you to this stupendous technicaladvance, we feature an outstanding collection of popular music played by that South African musical celebrity - DAN HILL and his orchestra featuring the Nightbirds, PETER LOTIS and JOAO TUDELLA.
These two young soloists have made quite a name for themselves with their recordings. Peter Lotis, a South African, who has made several recordings with Dan Hill - is a velvet-voiced young talent whose fine vocal ability has a professional finish, improved by three years in Britain with Ted Heath. This comes over well in such numbers as "The Watermelon Song" and "Mangoes". Peter is currently appearing with Dan Hill at Ciro's - the well-known Johannesburg nightclub.
So, too, is Joao Tudella, who was also a soloist with Peter Lotis on "Fiesta Tropicale" and "Celebration At Ciro's". Born in Lourenco Marques, Tudella studied at the Coimbra University in Portugal. He first won renown with Fado - traditional Portuguese singing - but has shown himself to be equally at home with dance music. His thrilling Latin voice is used to good effect in such a number as "Sempre Sempre Amor". '
Dan Hill you will know much about already. But may we remind you that several records ago, he won a CBS Golden Disc for '"Happy Days Are Here Again" which sold 25,000 copies. He has recently added two further records to his Dance Party Series No. 18 '"More Happy Days" (ALD 6348) and No. 20 "Celebration At Ciro's" (ALD 6357), which go well with this new Super Long Play recording.
Super Long Play is a must for every party and this first selection is as bright and lively as anyone could wish for!

'n Happie Van My Appeltjie LP . UNA 1524 UNIKA
- Die Drie Mellotones en Dan Hill se Orkes
Kant Een:
1. Patrystjie (George Esaul-Anton de Waal)
2. 'n Ding Is 'n Lekker Ding (Nico Carstens-Anton de Waal)
3. Appeltjie (Anton de Waal)
4. Roelandstraat (verw: Anton de Waal)
5. Die Dierbare Moeder Van My (Nico Carstens-Anton de Waal)
6. Outa In Die Langpad (Neels Steyn-Chris du Toit)
7. Kalkoentjie (Charles Segal-Anton de Waal)
Kant Twee:
1. Hy En Sy (Nico Carstens-Gilbert Gibson-Anton de Waal)
2. Stoppie (Nico Carstens-Anton de Waal)
3. Op 'n Suidsee Eiland (Anton de Waal)
4. Daar's 'n Wind Wat Waai (Nico Carstens-Anton de Waal)
5. Eensaam (George Esaul-Anton de Waal)
6. 'n Vlooi Is 'n Ding Wat Byt (Nico Carstens-...)
7. Totsiens, My Blonde Nooi (George Esaul-...)

met Jimmy Rayson
Lig En Luimig LP ................. UNA 1511 UNIKA
Kant 1:
1. Tahiti
2. Neem My Saam
3. Die Lieflike Bolandse Wals
4. Susanna Van Saldanha
5. Die Dierbare Moeder Van My
6. Dis Nou Of Nooit (It's Now Or Never)
Kant 2:
1. Marina
2. Val-De-Rie! Val-De-Ra!
3. Wil Jy, Of Wil Jy Nie?
4. Waarom? (Why)
5. Stoppie
6. Die Heidelied

The Two Sides Of Dan Hill LP .........

Dan Hill en sy orkes nooi u ...
Kom Dans Vanaand LP ..... UNA 1506 UNIKA
Kant Een:
1. Boegoeberg Se Dam (E. van Rooyen - A. de Waal); Suikerrand Vastrap (Neels Steyn)
2. Vanaand Gaan Die Volkies Koring Sny (Tradisioneel); Oom Hans Se Gemmerdans (M. Bodenstein); Boomstraat (Trad.); Hoe Ry Die Boere (Trad.)
3. Oslo Wals (Trad.); Hartseer Wals (De Waal)
4. Roeland Straat (Trad.)
5. Santie Se Kopdoek (N. Carstens); Zambesi (Carstens - De Waal)
6. Heimwee (S. le Roux Marais); Liedjie Van Verlange (Eitemal)
7. Dis Nie Myne Nie (Trad.); Meisie Van My Drome (C. & W. Cooper); Dis Nie Myne Nie (Trad.)
Kant Twee:
1. Daar Lê Die Ding (Trad.); Suikerbossie (Marais); Daar Kom Die Wa (Trad.)
2. Minnie My Liefling (Trad.); My Hartjie, My Liefie (Trad.)
3. Die Vergange Se Dae (Trad.); Bootjie Na Kammaland (Eitemal - Van Weber)
4. Kappit Uit (Carstens)
5. Hoe Later, Hoe Kwater (Trad.); Sarie Marais (Trad.)
6. Jan Pierewiet (Trad.); Brandewyn Laat My Staan (Trad.)
7. Daar Kom Die Alibama (J. Stelling); Januarie, Februarie, Maart (Trad.)

alle info en prentjie vanaf
sien volledige info by

Doris Brasch met Dan Hill en sy Orkes, Betty Mischieker
Lap-Pop Deel 1 / Lap-Pop Deel 2 7" . SSU.616 UNIKA
Kant Een:
1. Lap-Pop Deel 1 (B. Mischieker)
Kant Twee:
1. Lap-Pop Deel 2 (B. Mischieker)

The Going's Great / Op Silwer Vleuels 7" . S.A.100 S.A.A.
Side One:
1. The Going's Great (South African Airways Theme tune)
- Comp. Orch. and arranged by Dan Hill)
- Eng. words by Ralph Trewhela
- Dan Hill's Orchestra And Chorus, with Julia Mann
Side Two:
1. Op Silwer Vleuels (Kenwysie van die Suid-Afrikaanse Lugdiens)
- Gekomponeer, georkestreer en bewerk deur Dan Hill
- Afrikaanse woorde deur Anton de Waal
- Dan Hill Se Orkes En Koor, met Betsie Oosthuizen

Judy Page & Peter Lotis with Dan Hill & his Orch.
Green Grow The Lilacs / True Love 7" . PD.7-8939 GALLO/CONTINENTAL

The Bowler's Sing-A-Long
Ag Pleez Skippy 7" EP ......... XEP.7160 GALLOTONE
- The Petersen Brothers with Edgar Adeler, Dan Hill & His Orchestra -
Side 1:
1. Marching To The Bowling Green; Skip Skip Skip
2. Ag Pleez Skippy
Side 2:
1. What A Bowler
2. January, February, March

met Virginia Lee
Ek Sal Jou Nooit Vergeet Nie / Hoe Beier Die Klokke 7" . GE 74268 GALLOTONE
Kant Een:
1. Ek Sal Jou Nooit Vergeet Nie (Dich Werd Ich Nie Vergesen) (Gietz-Feltz)
Kant Twee:
1. Hoe Beier Die Klokke (Ogermann-Busch-Ustrecht)

Dana Valery met Dan Hill
Que Reste-T-Il (I Wish You Love) / Et Maintenant 7" . SSC.431 CBS

Dana Valery met Dan Hill
No School Tomorrow / Keep Away From Other Girls 7" . SSC.373 CBS

Dana Valery met Dan Hill
Autumn Concerto / Till 7" ...... SSC.331 CBS

Dana Valery met Dan Hill
Hava Nagila / Tintarella Di Luna 7" . SSC.330 CBS

Dan Hill Combo
Tomato Sauce / Meadowlands 7" . SSC.305 CBS

The Dan Hill Augmented Orchestra with Cha Cha Rhythm Section
Never On Sunday / Ok, You Beautiful Thing 7" . SSC.305 CBS

Dan Hill Salutes Ray Conniff LP .......... CBS
Side One:
1. Shuffle Off To Buffalo - Foxtrot
2. Little White Lies - Foxtrot
3. Play To Me Gypsy - Rumba
4. Alibama - Quickstep
5. Brother Can You Spare A Dime - Slow Foxtrot
6. The Continental - Foxtrot
Side Two:
1. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas) - Bolero
2. Blueberry Hill - Foxtrot
3. Imbote - Foxtrot
4. Mack The Knife - Foxtrot
5. Capriccio Espangnole - Rumba
6. Riding Down The Sunset Trail - Slow Foxtrot; Boots And Saddle - Slow Foxtrot

Hits Electronic LP .................................... RPM
The Logical Song
I Will Survive
Michael Row The Boat Ashore

Sounds Electronic - Hits Of The 60'S Vol. 1 LP . CBS

Uma Casa Portguesa LP .................... GALLOTONE

C'Mon Everybody LP ............................... CBS

Doris Brasch en Dawie Couzyn met Dan Hill en sy Orkes
Tingeling LP ............................................ GOGGA

Dancing Around The World LP ............. FESTIVAL

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