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Culoe de Song
Elevation ..... CDRBL 595/MESH005 2011/2012 UNIVERSAL/ONBEKEND
1. Elevation
2. Let The Sunshine
3. The One
4. Call Me
5. Make You Move
6. Yini Ngawe
7. Woman Woman
8. I Really Do
9. Harmony
10. Sunset
11. Far Away
12. Hold Strong

Culolethu, a name his grandfather, a keyboard player, had insisted on giving him, had set this path for himself in a certain way: it means our song in isiZulu, a South African dialect. Culoe de Song is originally from the KwaZulu-Natal province on the Eastern coast of South Africa. At age 16, he moved to North Durban, away from the busy city centre, initially to complete his studies in science. This was before he met with DJ Kabila, whose teachings on the art of mixing convinced Culolethu to change his focus to music.
Culoe came back from this experience more mature and spiritually awakened, and got the support of DJ Christos, one of South Africas House Music pioneers. He then started to work on his first album A Giant Leap, released in 2009 under Soulistic Records.
Culolethu is now back with his second offering titled ELEVATION we are not too far awar from our dreamsdreams are within ushence our dreams are in the state of ELEVATION so says Culoe de Song. This Afro-Beat and Deep House 12 track album is sure going to blow people away. Unafraid to spice things up with soul, jazz, fusion, Asian and tropical elements as well, the Culoe sound is a heady mixture that has caught the attention of international labels, radio compilers, DJs and, of course, fans.

A Giant Leap . CDRBL 519/MESH004 2009/2012 UNIVERSAL/ONBEKEND
1. Amasiko
2. Gwebindlala
3. We Baba met Busi Mhlongo (2010 SAMA Nominasie)
4. Soundiata's Rebels
5. Reggie Dokes
6. The Neighbour
7. The Fallen Siren
8. Super Afro
9. The Dragon's End
10. The Bright Forest

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