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Crazy Lu
met Bow Wow
Pole In My Basement ............................. LBW & YAKUZA

met DJ J-Nice
Rise of Yakuza Mixtape .....................

vetseunLAAI AF
Godz Must Be Crazy Mixtape ........... 2008 DESTRUCTION ENTERTAINMENT
1. Intro (Godz Must Be Crazy)
2. Right hand
3. Feel So Lovely met Don Dada
4. Cause Of The money
5. They Think That They Know Me met Don Dada
6. What It Do
7. I Was Raised
8. They See Me In The Video
9. Racing Through The Red Lights met Don Dada
10. When You Make Decisions
11. Show No Mercy met Don Dada
12. Def Dam
13. Steady On My Grind met Systematic
14. Baby When I'm Around You
15. Wicked Things Ya Do
16. Me No Wanna Fight met Don Dada
17. Wo Ainee
18. Do You Ever Wonder
19. Keep On Calling
20. I Been Waiting
21. Abortion Extortion
22. Last Emperor met Wei Lee
23. Smoking On Da Indo 1.8
24. Smoke the Purple met Don Dada
25. Drink 2Much met Don Dada
26. J-Dilla Tribute
27. Pimp C Tribute
28. Dedication Song
29. Thug 4 Lif met Outlaws
30. Akira
31. Apologize (Official Remix)

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