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The Constructus Corporation
The Ziggurat 2CD .. ADOPECD009 2002 AFRICAN DOPE
Disk 1:
1. The Ziggurat (Markus)
2. How to become a better person (Markus)
3. Rick flare (Markus)vetseun
4. pooka (Markus)
5. Random boy and Kidtronic (Markus)
6. Long street (Markus)
7. On the way to the arcade (Markus)
8. The competition (Markus)
9. Ooh lala (Markus)
10. Jellyfish (Sibot)
11. Metatron One (Markus)
12. Hot water (Markus)
13. Invisible sentinals (Markus)
14. You sound dumb (Markus)
15. I'll see you now now (Felix)
16. Recharge (Sibot, Felix)
17. Johnny's birthday song (Sibot)
18. Wakey Wakey (Sibot, Felix)
19. Brotherley Love (Sibot)
20. Sweet thing (Markus)
21. V (Markus)
22. Super psyche (Markus)
23. Choose your own adventure (Markus)
Disk 2: DOWNLOAD tweede CD hier
1. Dream
2. Ambrosial hours
3. Touchy feely
4. Robot
5. Derreck and darrel
6. Mommy and daddy
7. The magic ear
8. Incredible machine
9. Eat dirt copperman
10. The krakula cometh
11. Natalie
12. Bom
13. A thousand miles
14. Scum deluxe
15. Dudus
ripples in the mesh - the radioplay

is Waddy Jones, Sibot, Markus Wormstorm, met Anika, Felix Laband

One-off collaboration between Waddy Jones, Sibot, Markus Wormstorm and Felix Laband which produced the epic double CD / Hardcover book, monster project known as "The Ziggurat" There was a limited edition run of 2000 original, individually numbered copies, and these are the last 300! Get them now, before they become expensive collector's items. -

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Krushed & Sorted Re-Hash: African Dope's Greatest Hit kompilasie - The Recharge; It Don't Mean A Thing If You Ain't Got That Swing (The Robot Song); Go To The Arcade (2005)

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