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Jesus Freak Yes I Am . LBMD073 2012 LOUIS BRITTZ MUSIEK
1. Intro
2. Jesus Freak Yes I Am
3. Victory
4. Like A Fire met Merldy B
5. In My City
6. Chosen To Be Here met Melissa Allison
7. Majesty met Niel Higgens
8. I Need You met Janine Price
9. Kingdom Come met Jemaine Roberts
10. Send Me
11. Turn The World Upside Down

Cjay is an established Christian rap and hip hop artist and so many people have been influenced through his urban prophetic ministry, passionate and bold proclamations of his relationship with Christ in his music. He has driven the message of God's grace through the "unlikely" genre of rap and hip hop and has succeded in relating and inspiring young people to be unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This has never been so evident as in his 6th album 'Jesus Freak Yes I Am'. It is an urgent and bold challenge to move us out of our comfort zones and be radical for Jesus. We are called and set apart and it is time to live out what we believe and preach Jesus to the nations.. Cjay wants this record to be the soundtrack for Christian Youths across the world-those who are on a mission to make Jesus Christ known by being the light in their Families, Neighbourhoods, Schools, Campuses, Varsities and Cities. The album is available across the country on the 6th August 2012 and the album launch will be at Rhema on the 28th of July.Join The Movement at

Urban Praise .................. OLRD011 2009 MARANATHA
1. Jesus Blood
2. King of Kings
3. Lift Him Higher
4. Say OH!
5. Shout Your Fame
6. My Worship
7. Keep bringin Him Praize
8. Like I'm Falling (The Jansen Anthem) met Verona
9. I'll Praize
10. The Takeover
11. Stand 4u
12. Show Me Your Glory-Exodus 33:18
13. Provider met The POPE
14. The Blood

The Way We Are .......... OLRD007 2006 MARANATHA
1. Intro met Ps. André
2. Jesus Freaks
3. I Need You 2Know That
4. My Prayer Remix met Marlon
5. Prophecy met Prophet James
6. The Way We Are
7. Word Up
8. PE Interlude
9. PE Alweer met Dale
10. Where My People
11. Jump Off
12. Inspirational

The Revolution ............... MARD 381 2005 MARANATHA
1. PE met My Man
2. The Revolution met Kitron
3. Hold On met Janine Price
4. God's Inspiration met Janine Price
5. Oh
6. Interlude
7. Time Of My Life met Mic
8. One Day met Tactic 1
9. Thank You
10. Bonus:pe Radio Mix
11. Interview - Intro Of One Day

Can't Nobody Hold Me Down . MARD 356 2004 MARANATHA
1. Every time
2. Can Nobody Hold Me Down
3. I'll Never Know
4. Show Me
5. Looking Back
6. My Love
7. C U Ride
8. What Can I Say (Remix)
9. Rock The Rhythm
10. My Love (Remix)

Word Up ........................... FRCD421 2002 FAMILY RESOURCES
1. Give it away
2. 2000 watts up
3. Word up
4. Everytime
5. Interlude
6. Chances
7. Fill Me
8. Amazing Grace
9. Word up (JPHH REMIX)
10. I can
11. That Thang

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