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Charles Segal
vetseunLAAI AF
Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab Collection EP ... 2020
1. Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab Se Ding Is Wim met Nick Martinelli
2. Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab, Zulu Wa met Tiennie Coetzer
3. Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab Se Ding Is Wim met Sylvia Faktor, Jean du Ples
4. Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab Se Ding Is Wim
5. Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab Se Ding Is Wim met Al Debbo
6. Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab Se, Humba Go

Romantic Feelings LP . MFP 58022 1982 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE

Sneeuwitjie en ander kinderverhale LP . MFP 54719 1976 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
- Charles Segal, Dirk Kotze & Lindsay du Plessis
Kant Een:
1. Sneeuwitjie
2. Ali Baba En Die 40 Rowers
Kant Twee:
1. Aspoestertjie
2. Black Beauty

Charles Segal & His Orchestra
Pay Tribute To Frank Sinatra LP . MFP 54676 1975 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE

Charles Segal met Gerry Bosman
Sleepy Shores LP ........ MFP 54653 1975 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side One:
1. The Morning After (K. Hirchhorn)
2. Afro Bach (Indig.-Arr: C. Segal)
3. Ben (D. Black-W. Scharf)
4. Concerto In Blues (Indig.-Arr: C. Segal)
5. Colleen's Theme (Indig.-Arr: C. Segal)
6. Sleepy Shores (J. Pearson-Compger)
Side Two:
1. And I Love You So (D. McLean)
2. My Children, My Wife (Indig.-Arr: Roos-C. Segal)
3. Theme From "The Godfather" (N. Rota)
4. Midnight (T. Osborne)
5. When We Do Not Love Anymore (Indig.-Arr: C. Segal-McClure)
6. The Things I Like About You (R. Scott)

Yesterday Once More LP . MFP 54579 1974 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE

Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan My LP . MFP 54578 1974 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Kant Een:
1. Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan My (Loose-Toerien-Deautscher)
2. Aandlied Van Die Voëls (G. Richard-Steyn)
3a. Langs Die See (All The Tears) (T. Dempsey)
...b. Love Is A Beautiful Song (T. Dempsey)
4. Die Ou Kalahari (D. Pretorius)
5. Liefling (M. Kunze-P. Maffay-Toerien)
6. 'n Tyd Sal Kom (C. Segal)
Kant Twee:
1. Ek Verlang Nog Altyd (Larsen-Grové)
2. Moeder Van My (Parkinson)
3. Liefste Madelein (D. Steyn)
4. Kalkoentjie (Segal-De Waal)
5. Dankie (D. Steyn)
6a. Jy Is My Liefling (C. & W. Cooper)
...b. Jan Pierewiet (Segal)
...c. Beautiful Brown Eyes (Segal)
...d. Afrikaners Is Plesierig (Segal)

The Entertainer LP .......... ASF.1814 1974 CBS

Piano Hits LP ............... MFP 54570 1971 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE

The Entertainer LP .......... ASF 1614 1971 CBS

Segal's Scene LP ..... SGALP 1594 1969 GALLOTONE
Side 1:
1. So What's New; Sunny; Happy Heart
2. Shadow Of Your Smile; A Day In The Life Of A Fool; Sign Of Love
3. If I Were A Rich Man; The Years Go By
4. Groen Koringlande; Eiland Van Die Wind; Vaarwel
5. By The Time I Get To Phoenix; I Will Wait For You; There'll Come A Time
6. Never My Love; Those Were The Days; Windmills Of Your Mind
Side 2:
1. Words; Summer Wind; Summer Samba
2. My Way; It Was A Great Year
3. If You Go Away; A Time For Us; Live The Life; Les Bicyclettes De Belsize
4. Sweet Charity; Mame; Caberet
5. Do You Know The Way To San Jose; Live The Life

Cuddle Up A Little Closer LP . ALD 6433 CBS

Dancing with memories LP (DANCE PARTY SERIES No. II) . ALD 6157 CBS
Side 1:
1. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (McHugh)
2. Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On (Kalmar-Ruby)
3. Kalkoentjie (Segal-De Waal)
4. I'm In The Mood For Love (McHugh)
5. You Were Meant for Me (N.H. Brown)
6. Melkbaai (South Easter Kwela)
7. Everything I Have is Yours Always (B. Lane-K. Adamson)
8. Always (Berlin)
8. Paper Boy (Bill Haley)
9. Afrika (Segal)
Side 2:
1. The Best Things In Life Are Free (De Sylvia-Brown-Henderson)
2. Hamba Kahle (Friedman)
3. The Darktown Strutter's Ball (Shelton Brooks)
4. Embraceable You (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin)
5. Heibob Se Reibob Se Ding Is Vim (Segal-De Waal)
6. Slow Boat To China (Loeffer)
7. Besame Mucho (C. Velazguez)
8. Eskimo Calypso (Segal-Peters)
9. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Bassman)

In 1931, a two-year-old toddled off the mailboat at. Cape Town - and South Africa gained a musician who has done much to popularise and stimulate Afrikaans music. His name is Charles Segal.
Something of a musical prodigy, Charles was playing the mandoline, saxophone and guitar in his early 'teens. When he was sixteen he began to study the piano seriously and in three years had passed both the Trinity College, London, examinations. His interest in Afrikaans music dates from the time when he won a song contest organised by Rooi Rose Magazine with a number called Miskien (originally The Sweetest Thing Is My Love For You). Since then, Charles has composed more than 80 numbers, mostly in the idiom of Afrikaans music. Many of these have become popular hits, including Heibob Se Reibob Se Ding Is Vim, Kalkoentjie and Melkbaai, all of which are to be heard on this record.
In 1955, Charles Segal visited the United States and had the distinction of appearing on TV as guest pianist with such great names as Eddie Condon, Ray McKinley and Joe Venuti. His work was highly acclaimed by critics and he was offered a number of contracts. However, his South African commitments prevented his taking any of them up. Some of his Afrikaans compositions have been published and recorded in the United States.
Charles now lives in Cape Town where, in addition to composing, recording and broadcasting, he runs his own school of music. He is never happier than when he is seated at the keyboard, and his ambition, is to write movie music.
This nostalgic collection - Dancing with Memories - demonstrates Charles Segal in all his moods and shows clearly what a fine musician he is. CBS are so delighted with this album that they have already contracted for further Segal collections in the CBS Dance Party Series. - omslag

Your Little Hands / Walk The World 7" . SSC.299 1966 CBS

Bossamericano / Soul Tide 7" . SSC.298 1966 CBS

'n Partytjie Met Charles LP . AR 105 1967 AVS
Kant Een:
1a. Strangers In The Night (B. Kaempfert);
...b. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Mandel-Webster);
...c. Edelweiss (Rogers)
2a. Afrika (Segal-De Waal);
...b. Melkbaai (Segal-Styger-De Waal)
3a. Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab (Segal-Styger-De Waal);
...b. Humba Go (Segal-Norton)
Kant Twee:
1a. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (B. Feldman);
...b. Yesterday (Lennon-McCartney);
...c. Never On Sunday (Hadjidakis)
2a. Desifinado (Jobim);
...b. Bossamericano (Segal-Arenson)
3a. African Kwela (Segal-Norton);
...b. Sondele Kum (Segal-Norton)

Magical Mystery Man LP ......................... MUSIC FOR PLEASURE

Huispartytjie-Reeks Nr. 1 10" . LAC 501 TREK

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