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Castro B
Fidelity ........................................ MZA 047 M.E.L.T.
1. Vugani Noba Nilele
2. Hamba Naye
3. Father Of My Children
4. Bunga
5. Move Salop
6. Madeleza
7. Let's Talk Shiyani
8. Ulilelani
9. Mantombi's Callings
10. Thirsty For Humaniyt
11. Mathabo
12. Don't Bite, Crocodile
13. Solidma
14. Sekodiko
15. Ingoma

CASTRO B is a magnificent and profilic composer, producer and disk jockey (DJ) who is no new comer to the music field. His musical experience dates nineteen years back when he made has first musical instument (TIN GUITAR) which he played passionateky at the age of 6. with a dream of sharing his skill and sound with the world. He has worked with acountable artists who have dominated the S.A music industry including traditional musicians comprising of different languages and ethnic groups.
Castro is one of the producers who has taste in various music genres and that's where he gained the rewputation of being a briiliant and versatile artist. The commitment, dedication and love of music are the bearer of the live elements blended beautifully in his music. His aim is to take the mindset of music lovers to a different level, for music has to relate to one's mental and moral outlook on life including the mind body and soul which of course result in moving the human boby in a dance form to the sounds.
Castro spins the kind of tracks that can take people to a completely inward level, emotional ly ansd spiritually. He palys at many differnet clubs and festivals right across the country for different audience's including radio both provintail and national. His musical playlist is, House- Tribal-Funk- Pop na dLocal sounds Castro takes his inspiration from people like Mabi Thobejane, Busi Mhlongo, Madala Kunene, Bhek'umuzi Luthuli, Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie, Quincy Jones, Onnsunlade, DJ Gregory and Julienn Jabre, who are all amazing singers and producers who have developed their own unique sound to revolutionize the dance music scene.

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