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Bianca la Grange

David Arnold Johnson & Bianca le Grange - Ek Baklei Vir Jou VID >>> (2020)

David Arnold Johnson & Bianca le Grange - Ek Baklei Vir Jou CDS . 2020

Bianca la Grange - Kaapse Water met Angelo Afrikaans VID >>>

Net Jy / Just You ... STORMCD 030 2013 STORM REKORDZ
1. Kaapse Water (Nuwe Mix)
2. Keuses (Nuwe Mix)
3. Just You
4. Grootpad
5. O, Ek Verlang
6. Had My Eyes On You
7. So Styf Teen My Vas
8. So Why Would You Never (New Mix)
9. Beautiful Blue Eyes
10. Ver Is Dan Die Tyd
11. As Die Sweet Hom Tap
12. Ek Ken Die Lied
13. Dwelmkind
14. Net Jy
15. Jy, Ja Jy
16. The One And Only
17. Thank You

Singer, dancer and actress Bianca la Grange's has a career in entertainment that spans over a decade. Bianca's newest musical offering and fourth full-length studio album Net jy / Just You, is sure to impress music lovers, with seventeen powerful songs performed both in English and Afrikaans.
Bianca collaborated with renowned songwriter Theunis Duvenage on Net jy / Just You. The pulsating opening track and first single, Kaapse water, has an international pop dance flavor complemented beautifully with Just you and So why would you never, two equally heart-warming love ballads.
Bianca believes that everyone with a warm heart will find a song on this album that they love. It is part of her passion to tell South African stories through her music. With the storyteller and wordsmith Theunis Duvenage by her side, Net jy / Just you is a spellbinding pop album that displays Bianca's versatility and beautiful, sultry voice.

Bianca le Grange - Yogurt VID >>> (2011)

Met My Hart En My Siel . STORMCD 018 2010 STORM REKORDZ
1. Chlora Girl
2. Ek Is Daai Vrou
3. Liefdevol
4. Met My Hart En My Siel
5. Mnr. De Beer
6. 'n Nuwe Land, 'n Nuwe Mens
7. Die Poppe Gaan Dans Vanaand
8. Joburg
9. Saterdag
10. Dans Met Die Sterre
11. Ole Yo
12. Sonder Jou

Bianca la Grange's long-awaited Afrikaans album is an album full of surprises and boasts twelve original songs which vary from jazz, contemporary, rock to pop. The title "Met My Hart En Siel" is precisely what the album is all about - the music and lyrics come from Bianca's heart and soul. Bianca, in cooperation with Jerome Bezuidenhout and Sammy de Waal - wrote and produced most of the songs on the new album. She describes the album as "adult contemporary with a little bit of jazz, a bit of rock and pop". This is her 2nd Afrikaans album (her previous Afrikaans album "Dis My Somer" was released in 2005) and is her 3rd album release to date. She performs regularly at functions and corporate events all over the country and was chosen as one of the sexiest women by FHM in 2004. She's an asset to any musical production - in 2004 she starred in "Cinderella", and in 2008 she played the leading role in the pantomime "Snow White". She has performed in other countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

2 Vir Een (Dis My Somer / Bianca) 2CD . 2010

Dis My Somer ............. CDVAT6167 2005 VAT VYF MUSIEK/SONY MUSIC/BMG
1. Somerliefde
2. Stumblin' In
3. Dis My Somer
4. Ek Onthou Vir Malie
5. Everywhere But Here
6. Die Doef Doef Van My Hart
7. Somer
8. Dobbelstene
9. Watermonument
10. Trein Na Matjiesfontein
11. Don't Call It Love
12. Skemerhemel
13. David Kramer Medley

Bianca .................................................. 2015
1. Been Around The World
2. Suga Suga
3. Making Love
4. Cry
5. Girls Know
6. More Than I'm Willing To give
7. Whenever God (Shines His Light)
8. Fast learner
9. If Why
10. Happily Ever After
11. Born To Be With You
12. Bohemian Rhapsody

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Nuwe Generasie Divas 2008 kompilasie - Dis My Somer (2008)

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2021 04 04 - Bianca le Grange & David Arnold Johnson "Ek Baklei Vir Jou" #1 TREFFER, Lekker FM - Starburst Promotions

2020 10 30 - David Arnold Johnson & Bianca le Grange "Ek Baklei Vir Jou" EKSKLUSIEWE ENKELSNIT BEKENDSTELLING, Die Groot Ontbyt, GROOTfm 90.5, 07:00 - Starburst Promotions - kykNET - MUSESTAR Management

2020 08 28 - Lockdown Lekkerte - Verskeie Kunstenaars: Robbie Wessels, Leah, Willem Botha, André Schwartz, Lee Scott, Bianca le Grange,


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