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Barry Snow (The "Snow Man")
Popular Requests - Sweet With A Beat LP . GALP 1716 GALLOTONE
- Barry Snow (Hammond Organ); Jack Timm (Guitar)
Kant Een:
1. People Will Say We're In Love (Rodgers-Hammerstein)
2. Red Sails In The Sunset (Williams-Kennedy)
3. Ain't She Sweet (Yellen-Agar)
4. The Breeze And I (Stillman-Lecuona)
5. It Had To Be You (Kahn-Jones)
Kant Twee:
1. Die Ou Kalahari (D. Pretorius) - MP3 >>>
2. Sugartime (Phillips-Echols)
3. South Of The Border (Kennedy- Carr)
4. Shine (Mack, L. Brown-Dabney)
5. Ain't Misbehavin' (Waller-Brooks-Razaf)

Please, Barry, won't you play . . . Please, Barry, what about . . . Barry, how about doing,. . . Please, Barry . . . Please!
To all those who have spoken to the fabulous Snowman in terms such as these (and they are pleadings Barry Snow has had to put up with for many months), here is the answer to your prayer - "The Snowman By Request.".
There are those who have asked for certain numbers; there are those who have begged him to make another LP (he already has two highly successful discs on the market); there are those who seek Barry's jovial countenance and swinging Hammond organ at parties, dances, weddings. Whatever the occasion, wherever he goes, you can be sure that someone is close at hand with yet another request of one sort or another.
So, after finding the necessary time in between his many commitments, the Snowman has answered the request for another disc - and has included thereon a collection of the numbers which he has been asked most to play.
And that's not all, for Barry is ever alive to the changing moods of the musical world, and has given us something new. Not that the use of a guitarist with an organ is, in itself, new, but the way Barry has utilised one is quite out of this world. He wanted a "different" guitar for this record, hence his bringing into the picture East London's pickin' virtuoso, Jack Timm. He also decided to bring out the guitar more, rather than use it as a background rhythm instrument. 'The result is a completely new sound in Hammond organ music - a sound which you will enjoy.
This is the first time these two talented musicians have come together in this way. But the old saying of "two heads being better than one" is certainly well proved, for take - a good listen to the way in which they blend in perfectly together; take a good listen too, to the masterly arrangements of this selection of tried and true favourites. And, whether you play this record for dancing or for sheer listening pleasure, let your mind drift a little to the possibilities that Barry and Jack have opened up.
In fact, that is my request to the Snowman - another LP like this one, please. - Ken Courage - omslag

Loves Girls Meisies And Fraüleins LP . GALP 1055 GALLOTONE
Side 1:
1. I Like Girls; Vilia; If You Knew Suzie; Margie
2. Tammy; Helene; Tammy
3. Ida Sweet As Applecider; Tangerine; Dinah
4. Anna
5. Mariana
6. Judaline; Louise; Rosalie
Side 2
1. Agnes Waltz
2. Mary Is A Grand Old Name; Sweet Leilani
3. Mandy; Lulu's Back In Town
4. Suikerbossie; Ver In Die Wêreld, Kittie; Sarie Marais
5. Peg O My Heart; Amapola; Dolores
6. Anna Laurie; Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair; I Like Girls

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