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A State Of Aya ................. CDSTEP 119 GIANT STEPS
1. Shame On You
2. Qaphela
3. Thula Nhliziyo Yami
4. All From Love
5. As A Woman
6. Everyday
7. Japanese Blue
8. Me Oh My
9. Ntombi
10. I Don't Want To See You Cry
11. Holy
12. Ngcwele

A truly lively debut which lives between the jazzy torch songs of old, and a fresh homegrown infusion of earthy, self-penned compositions. The often jubilant, fun and sweetly sophisticated jazz sounds of Aya give her distinct vocals a perfect opportunity to shine on A STATE OF AYA unveiling a scintillating new talent on South African scene. This talented 23-year-old has been waiting in the wings of the music industry for some time.
Armed with a degree in Music and Drama from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Aya has long been a force on the Durban music scene with her beautiful voice, musical gifts and inimitable performing ability. South Africans at large also became aware of her in 2005 when she made it to the Top 10 of the Idols show. A STATE OF AYA is a stunning platform for Aya's vision. The first single "Shame On You" has just hit the airwaves and is receiving airplay across the country's jazz and day-time programming.
From the jaunty, sax-punctuated sounds of "Shame On You" (Ngiyakudabukela) to the soul-stirring, Gospel-drenched magnificence of "Ngcwele" and the elegant "Japanese Blue", A STATE OF AYA maps out the musical ground that this prodigiously talented individual occupies.
Aya found "a wonderful" creative collaborator in Crighton Goodwill who both produced and co-wrote the material on the album. Several of the songs were sourced from an international publisher, including "I Don't Want To See You Cry" and "Japanese Blue", a gentle, inspirational song that Aya says is one of her favourites on the album.
Authentic, fresh, full of young life yet imbued with a sense of history, and with just enough sophistication to take it across generations, A STATE OF AYA is bound to be an integral part of the collection of South Africa's discerning music lovers. Aya intends supporting the release of her debut with a slate of live performances and she is up for the challenge of winning audiences.

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