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Wild Warriors .......... FRESHCD151 2007 FRESH MUSIC
1. Dumptruck
2. Innocent Child
3. Wixked Wonder
4. Silver
5. Arapaho
6. Wild Warrior
7. Julius
8. Pure
9. Backstage Pass
10. Can You See Me
11. Butterfly Angel
12. Road Kill Caf
13. Life
14. Lucid World
15. Crystal Blue
16. Eden
17. Our Generation
18. Belinda Redwood
19. Horse
20. Swirl The Wine

Arapaho were formed in the mid 90's by guitarist Alistair Murdoch and keyboard player Gavin Meiring. The two were both avid surfers who loved music and so decided to jam together when the Durban waves were not pumping. After a few months of writing they enlisted additional players and named the band Arapaho after a famous North American Native American tribe.
Within a few months they had penned a bagful of strong rock songs including their breakthrough hit "Wild Warrior" which went on to top the charts nationally. This was followed by the release of their debut album WICKED WONDER which turned Arapaho into the rock darlings of South African music scene.
Arapaho were without doubt one of the highlights of the South African rock scene during the 90's and still garner substantial airplay on stations around the country. -

Wicked Wonder ............... MMTCD1924 GALLO

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