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AMEN - Maak Oop Die Deure VID >>>

AMEN - Dagbreek VID >>>

Laat U Wil Geskied . SELBCD1050 2013 SELECT
1. Dagbreek
2. Maak Oop Die Deure
3. Wat 'n Vriend Het Ons In Jesus
4. Tot Hy Weer Kom
5. Koning Van Liefde
6. Ken Jy My
7. Laat U Wil Geskied
8. Come Now Is The Time
9. Vir My
10. Eendag
11. Heilig Is Die Heer
12. Lewende Water
13. Ek Is Nooit Weer Alleen Nie
14. U Glo In My

There are more than one artist with this name. 1) Amen is a cross-genre rock band mainly taking influence from 1980's hardcore, punk rock and black metal. 2) Amen is crust/hardcore/grindcore band from Finland. 3) Amen is a Speed/Thrash Metal band from Medellín, Colombia, formed in 1986. 4) Amen is an up & coming emcee from Columbia, South Carolina who is working with MIDIMarc. 1) AMEN is a cross-genre rock band mainly taking influence from 1980's hardcore, punk rock and black metal.
After the successful run of kykNET s reality show: Ons Soek Die Sanger, two of the finalists joined forces with another outside member, to form the brand new gospel sensation AMEN. AMEN consists out of three very talented male vocalists, which makes this probably the first full-on Afrikaans Gospel boy band in South Africa! The album is made up by 13 original tracks and also includes a remake of the worship song Come Now Is The Time, done the AMEN way! Songs to look out for are the already playlisted Dagbreek, as well as Maak Oop Die Deure and Tot Hy Weer Kom, to only highlight a few. This is one of those albums listeners will never get tired of and every song will touch their hearts and souls. It s inspiring, and full of worship and praise, but in a very unique and memorable way. AMEN is here to stay and with this album they will make their mark as one of the upcoming stars of South Africa. This is an album for young and old, so make sure you are prepared and geared up for the upcoming rush!

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