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Alleen Na Desember
Alleen Na Desember ........................ 2011
1. Intro
2. Groen Radio - MP3 by facebook
3. Dans Is Nie Meer Goed Genoeg Nie
4. Ek Is Bang Vir Alleen Wees
5. Sing Is Nie Al Wat Ek Kan Doen Nie
6. 4 Hoekige 3 Kant - MP3 by facebook
7. F.M.L.
8. 1 Daad, 2 Harte
9. Ek Voel Baie Vrygewig Vandag
10. Die Openbaring
11. Bonus Track
12. Bonus Track
13. Bonus Track

is Simeon Kriel, Francois de Klerk, Ben Greyling, Werner Grunder, Gust Greyvenstein

Alleen na Desember came in existence in July 2009 as a project for MK Rockspaaider 2009. At that time the group consisted of Simeon Kriel (Lead Vocals & Bass), Francois de Klerk (Lead Guitar), Werner Grunder (Guitar) and Ben Greyling (Drums). Alleen Na Desember finished second out of a possible 54 bands! After Rockspider they added a new member to the band, Gust Greyvenstein, to take over Bass so Simeon could focus on his singing. Alleen na Desember brings a fresh and unique sound to the Afrikaans Rock industry - with a definitive rock feel combined with disco / rave elements, fans could definitely jump around to the grooves. This album, their debut release, self-titled "Alleen Na Desember" holds a lot of potential for one of our youngest, newest, rock outfits. Their first music video, "Vir Die Eerste Keer" was released during the MK Rockspaaider competition on MK. They were nominated for "Best Newcomer" at the MK Awards 2011 for their second music video, "4 Hoekige 3 Kant" (which is also the first video from their debut album). The band is increasing their gigs substantially by playing Firkin @ Centurion, Tings & Times in Pretoria and numerous Potch gigs, at least once a week. Their reputation of being a professional and hard working crew implies a very promising future!

Vir Die Eerste Keer ('n... - MP3 by facebook
s<3t - MP3 by facebook

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