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African Dope Soundsystem
kompilasie .............. ADOPECD010 2001 AFRICAN DOPE
1. F C K - Teba
2. Big Trouble - Black Dillinger
3. Push Up - JJ
4. Stand Up - Teba
5. Gimme Da Weed - Chronic Clan
6. King Selassie - Crosby
7. Black Repatriation - Black Dillinger
8. Girl Sugar Plum - JJ
9. Get It On! - Zoro
10. Mo Fire Mo Presha (Funky Love Mix) - Juan Thyme
11. Blackness Anthem - Teba
12. Lock Down - Red Lion
13. 'Sasination - Teba
14. Pump Da Systym - Juan Thyme
15. For How Long - Chronic Clan
16. Nontsiki - Teba
17. Akekho - Chronic Clan
18. Gal of I Dream - Tim Parr

The African Dope Soundsystem is more than an artist album, more than a compilation; it's a tight collaboration between Cape Town DJ's, MC's, live and electronic musicians, studio producers and video artists, who have integrated into a powerful recording unit and live performance crew. Every member of the Soundsystem is at the top of their respective field in the Cape Town music industry, making the African Dope Soundsystem an ALL-STAR line-up of Cape Town music. Some of the freshest African Dancehall and Reggae you will ever hear. -

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